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Physics-based games
Fun-Motion      Reviews of various physics-based games, most of which offer a free demo.
Stair Dismount The goal of this game is to cause as much injury as possible by pushing a stick-man down a flight of stairs.
Elasto Mania A motorbike game, similar to Kickstart on the Commodore 64 but with the physics of the bike simulated in more detail, requiring delicate control to negotiate the courses.
Ski Stunt Simulator A very novel game based around skiing. You use the mouse to adjust the skier's posture, using the weight and balance to indirectly control acrobatic stunts. It takes some time to learn the controls, but it's great fun once you do.
Toribash The most innovative fighting game I have seen. The fighters are physically simulated stick people and the players take turns to control their muscles.
N-Ball A platform game, but not quite like any other - you control a bouncing ball in a physically simulated world. At first it seems fairly straightforward, but later levels require some skill.
Other independently-developed games
Stephen's Sausage Roll A wonderfully designed puzzle game - possibly my favourite puzzle game ever. A richly elegant move set and masterful level design.
Jelly No Puzzle Block-shifting puzzle game that looks easy but is actually very challenging. You will likely think each level is impossible, but all of them are solvable! Develops your analysis and reasoning so that by the time you reach the end you will be a different person.
Cave Story Cave Story (or Doukutsu Monogatari) is a superb platform/action/adventure game. I think it's pretty amazing that it was developed by a single person (a Japanese chap who goes by the name of Pixel). The game has been released as freeware, but it surpasses the quality of many comparable commercial games.
Armadillo Run related
Secrets of the Armadillo Run Masters A comprehensive guide to Armadillo Run written by Ben Schaeffer.
Armadillo Run Extreme A rather nice video of Armadillo Run made by Eric Pomerleau.
'Improve your brain' video A video about improving your brain by playing video games, which features Armadillo Run and other intellect-improving games.