Armadillo Run Level Solutions

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Down under

Solution Description Author Score Date
Andrew S 96 $96 left - no "Force" required AndySpak $96 21/01/2007
Hansie 108 just go down until you're under Hansie $108 30/03/2007
pwnage on downunder #2 YAY! USE METEAL persons. hi $60 24/06/2006
pwnage on down under YAY! hi $58 24/06/2006
tweak one max-i-mus Jason $48 18/06/2006
jojo3 $92 - Once Again! Jojo $92 04/09/2006
jojo2 $90 - Once Again! Jojo $90 04/09/2006
jojo $76 Jojo $76 06/08/2006
You mean Australia 2 I reckon you could remove the bar for another 10, but i'm tired Rob Garford $66 22/07/2006
You mean Australia Falling weight and cloth cradle Rob Garford $42 16/07/2006
96 :) RYO $96 05/09/2006
94 :) RYO $94 05/09/2006
88 :) RYO $88 04/09/2006
Gently Fall Gently Falling Metal Sheet, Please Do Not Hit My Rocket Feet Skyler $54 21/06/2006
Tweakster Solution, Scmoluiton. I Win. Yay. Skyler $46 20/06/2006
Unstable, Yet Sturdy No One Posted A Solution Yet, So I Thought I Would, Skyler $20 18/06/2006