Armadillo Run Level Solutions

Click on the level name to view all solutions for that level. To download a level solution, click on the solution name and save it in the 'Levels' folder (click on [Open levels folder] on the main menu to get to it), or if you're playing the game with a profile other than the default one then put them in the Levels/ProfileName folder. You will then be able to watch the solution after choosing the 'Start game' option from the main menu.

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Drop and Jump

Solution Description Author Score Date
240 Gadina ;-P Вот вам и однако! Gadina $240 10/12/2006
230 Gadina Easy Gadina $230 10/12/2006
JNcn_226 ^o^ JNcn $226 16/10/2006
alxi однако alxi (rus) $222 15/10/2006
Make n Break 220 left Rob Garford $220 24/06/2006
DropAndJump_218Remaining Just a bit more Childe_Rolando $218 19/06/2006
Drop And Uhh Fall You Weren't Expecting This Were You? Skyler $212 16/06/2006