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Level 40 - Rocket jump

Solution Description Author Score Date
JNcn_574 ^o^___tweak JNcn $574 24/06/2007
SuperRecordJump finalmente in cima alla lista! Alby $570 23/04/2007
Toa - 560 Give it to me!!!! Toa the Boa $560 16/07/2006
Pappa, endelig 560 left, elegant solution! Baard Nilsen $560 27/12/2006
Record jump   Alby $560 29/03/2007
LixX's solution truk de ouf LixX $560 13/05/2007
Justin K's solution Saves 2 more dollars. Woot! Justin K. $550 06/06/2006
tweak tweak by SiCk)) tweaked timokahala's tweak =)) SiCk! $550 10/06/2006
Guto's solution VIva a mija Guto $550 13/12/2006
Scott's df Dark force 550 S2H $550 20/12/2006
Bumerdes 40-4 Landing area Bumerdes $550 25/01/2007
timohakala ...but this one is even cheaper ;) 548$ left Timo Hakala $548 25/05/2006
Tyler's solution Gay Force Tyler $544 02/08/2006
the best one ever SIMPLE, NO CHEATS!!! JUST USING YOUR BRAIN Steven A $540 07/12/2008
Rocket Assist $530 left BenS $530 08/06/2006
Robert Garford Another one of my great levels. (Scoff scoff) No seriously this is cheap Rob Garford $528 22/05/2006
saperlipopette NO rocket Bardabu $510 10/01/2007
Galerus - 510 Just a little of iron Galerus $510 24/03/2007
matteo Colpo di coda Matteo $510 06/02/2008
rubberjump One block, to pwn the level Feabag $500 22/10/2006
LittleMikey-500 $500 left, average solution LittleMikey $500 06/03/2007
Tailwhip Awesome rocket controlled ball BioDroid and David $480 10/07/2006
rocket surf surfing on rocket gatti.gatozza $470 09/02/2007
Killa's Solution Improvment of xyNiee's solution Killa $460 17/11/2006
Rob1 A bounce and a smack Me $444 25/05/2010
xyNiee Ramp - Probably needs some finetuning to save some more money xyNiee $430 02/09/2006
gillo430 omnia mea mecum fero capitanomp $430 21/10/2006
402 - layup Terrible score, but when I saw this rocket layup I just had to share. ToddB $402 30/05/2006
THE TRUE SELF-DESTRUCT XIA99999999 the true self-distruct ahaha gaoxia $364 11/04/2007
Double rampy keepy uppy Well I liked it Maffy Ooh $350 02/10/2006
Cello9213 - Bad ramp, pure rocket paddle The pathetic ramp falls to pieces but the rocket manages to flip around and save the day Cello9213 $338 18/06/2007
bd bd bd $334 06/12/2008
grandioso Colpo di tacco col razzo :-) Mambro $330 04/03/2007
Jha ji's solution isn't it rocket jump??? Jha ji $320 25/10/2006
Seth's Solution Rocket Slap! Seth $320 26/11/2006
I fluked it! Bit lucky Shiner $284 09/10/2006
Balancing Act Balancing on the Rocket (Not Cheap) Mylakovich $276 24/07/2006
With Bridge I have build a bridge and have not use the rocket (Please delete the 236 $ solution) Georbe $276 02/04/2007
high kick high kick Eran a.k.a pass $274 05/10/2006
shahab's solution shahab shahab $246 11/12/2009
Arezzo's solution   Arezzo $240 24/05/2007
Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two touch with the rocket Thames $238 06/11/2008
Georbe's solution I have build a bridge and have not use the rocket Georbe $236 02/04/2007
Just From For Fun Editors's solution Expensive Just From For Fun Editors $232 26/01/2016
mlepage - rocket sled jump The interesting thing here is I caught the armadillo AND the rocket. mlepage $230 25/11/2006
Ridiculous solution Most Improbable solution ever Andrew $228 11/09/2007
Jonnerz Based on luke B's solution Jonnerz $226 30/07/2006
No jumping6 Solution that involves some serious destruction BioDroid $214 05/07/2006
fine thing fine thing Gonzalo $206 05/09/2006
bx's solution   bx $196 17/09/2010
No jumping2 One piece rubber and one piece cloth thank you. BioDroid $148 05/07/2006
JumpAndKick A jump and a tail kick XanthViper $140 12/02/2008
Level 40 - Rocket Jumb by lele Cool, use the rocket as a lift:-) Lele $136 02/05/2007
kind of pool just ..... Rusl $128 20/08/2006
Luke B's solution i aint gonna jump if i dont wanna Luke B $118 30/06/2006
Lucky Rocket a funny shot fyh $90 04/02/2007
vincentsico's solution Look at That vincentsico $72 30/09/2006
Through The Wall Got lazy and decided to go through the wall. Dilt $56 31/10/2006
rocketless Keeping the rocket out of it Ture $10 24/01/2008
Mighe's solution   Mighe $8 10/01/2007
expensiveButIncredible You'll get a kick out of this one. I use the rocket to blast a whole in the wall. Kevin P. $4 22/10/2006
Costliest but funnest ) Possibly the costliest but definitelly the funnest!!! :) AASoft $-27260 26/09/2006
AkMe09 The rocket war!! AkMe:. $-44700 15/03/2007
Rocketsss Name Says It All! R. Crazy $-71716 25/12/2006
LukeH's solution DESTRUCTION IS THE ONLY WAY! MUHAHAHA LukeH $-169760 14/11/2006