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SP- Houses Of Death

Solution Description Author Score Date
Votart Silak 9672 ...continue... Votart Silak $9672 21/04/2009
Votart Silak 9660 SUPER TECHNOLOGY!!!!! Votart Silak $9660 20/04/2009
mi2 8796 Tweaked ;) mi2 $8796 27/10/2007
JNcn_8790 ^o^___more,could be better JNcn $8790 10/05/2007
Alx 7364 accuracy replaces unnecessary things :o) Alx $7364 07/05/2007
CountOlaf_7344 Got rid of another timer. Had to change pretty much everything else minutely to make it work. CountOlaf $7344 06/05/2007
alx 7114 thx,CountOlaf,+206$ and i know that still you can do better :) Alx $7114 06/05/2007
CountOlaf_6908 Got rid of a timer, but had to add stuff to make up for it. On to you alx CountOlaf $6908 06/05/2007
Alx 6770 little trick :) +2$ previous solution Alx $6770 06/05/2007
CountOlaf_6768 And as if to kick 'em while they're down, CountOlaf delivers a blistering +12! CountOlaf $6768 06/05/2007
Better again CountOlaf fights back with a +6 CountOlaf $6756 06/05/2007
alx 6750 little trick :) +2$ previous solution Alx $6750 05/05/2007
MySolution Ha! I laugh at you, with your sensible and cleverly designed solutions CountOlaf $6748 04/05/2007